The Future of HR is All About People

For the past 15 months or more, the world has been through significant changes. At the center of it all is how we do business, work and create income. We have uncovered and discovered most of the dysfunctions in society and on an organizational level in our policies. One of the topics we were curious about was why HR had such a bad reputation in organizations, so we met with Neelie Verlinden and Joe Sweeney, co-hosts of Talentsoft's Ins and Outs of Work podcast focused on the future of HR.

According to Neelie, "It is often not that HR is doing a lousy job, but a misunderstanding about their role and what they do for the business and their people. Historically, HR has been tasked with a lot of policy implementation and administrative duties, and they are dealing with that legacy right now".

Joe said," the bad reputation is from a lack of business acumen and disconnect between HR's goals and the business goals. HR must be more strategic. There are various opportunities for change to bring it back to being human-centric.

Here are some ideas according to Joe:

  • HR needs to be more flexible and less policy and procedure driven

  • Free up time to support new laws with creativity and supporting the human element

  • Think of your managers as an extension of your HR team

  • Change management is a crucial part of training for HR staff

  • Allowing a culture that facilitates open conversations

Neelie is the HR expert and agrees there is a disconnect and adds HR departments are overwhelmed with policies and administrative tasks unrelated to their expertise.

She offers the following:

  • Creating remote policies within the historic rules and regulations

  • Senior-level leadership needs to be open to listening to HR and having a dialogue that includes the C level executives and finding the best solution for the staff.

  • HR needs to acquire new skills: people advocacy, data literacy, business acumen, digital integration and soft skills (listening, being curious)

  • Basing people's performance on output instead of input

  • Golden Takeaway: Let's be more mindful of what HR has on its plate